After waiting forever to read convict I'm completely hooked on this series. Generally, I steer away from dark or emotional books because I'm a bit of a wuss. I find it really hard not to let it affect my mood and being a miserable bitch with a house full of kids is impossible. But every now and then I can't get enough of them because they keep me so engrossed in all the feels.


Being a Hayley Faiman virgin going into that last book I have to say she's been added to my TBR. And I had this on my kindle within minutes of putting down Convict. But I needed a night to get my head out of their story and into this one. And I picked this one up thinking it was Beaumont's story. Discovering it was Wyatt's wasn't a disappointment and I was happy to see Exeter was his heroine.


Wyatt was such a complete hero in the last book I just knew I was going to love him. Especially after our introduction to Exeter and hearing very briefly what skeletons were in her closet. I knew he was the right man for her, and I had to know how they knew each other. I was a little disappointed with Wyatt's past. Or maybe disappointed is the wrong word. I guess I expected more from him than his history with Sammi.


But this book was as well written as the last. And it could be read as a standalone but the characters are awesome, and the first book was great and they are on KU so you know, binge read. I don't know who's story we are getting next but I'm off to grab it now. After I read the short story for Emily because that girl deserves a well hung, prince.




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