This felt like the best kind of gift when it landed on my kindle. Hubby and I have taken the weekend away from our crazy tribe of children and I was thoroughly enjoying my time of lying down doing absolutely nothing when it popped up and sent me into a squealing happy mess. After having almost a whole year of our evil queen threatening to retire and leave us all without her words so it feels like the longest scariest ride no one wanted to take. And none of us really excel at the whole waiting patiently thing.


I really wish I had done a series reread because there are so many characters in this crazy found family and now they are all wifed up and having babies I felt like I needed a cheat sheet trying to keep them all straight. I even had a Jase / Jake moment where I had to go check which one we were talking about because I read it wrong.


And to be honest I really don't remember Chase. I am a terrible Covenette but honestly with my goldfish memory I was surprised how fast I fell back into the fam and all the text handles and nicknames. And the cross over with Bette and Ben was awesome. But I really loved getting to know more of Gemma.


But before I gush over how much I love Gemma I want to ask why Vince couldn’t have given Chase a few rounds in the octagon. It's funny but I have read two books in a row that were vastly different with MMA fighters as secondary characters and closed off acehole heroes. And I really would have killed to see one of them get their arses kicked a little. I mean seriously why don’t these guys use their damn big boy words and think before they have their temper tantrums and say stupid shit? Luckily once Chase had a come to jesus moment with the guys and realised what a dumbarse he had been he gave great grovel.


Gemma was her beautiful inside and out self and I loved that she knew her worth and didn’t settle for anything but Chases best. And the chemistry between the two of them was uber hot. As always, I had literal laugh out loud moments, and I couldn’t put it down from the first page. And I didn’t have to so it was even better.



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