I feel like such an acehole because I adore all the words from Lex Martin, and I have loved every single one of these books but I can barely remember the names of the previous characters. And it's driven me mad the whole book. I remember bits and pieces of their stories, but I am driving myself insane with not remembering certain things. Although I just devoured this book, and it was a perfect stand-alone thanks to my goldfish memory.


Because let me tell you these two were fire. I don't know if they were hotter fighting or once they actually let those sparks ignite. It's funny because I was thinking how awesome and mature and understanding Maggie was. Then I remembered the start where she's all vengeful and immature and I love that about her. She was so awesome. And then I think of Olly, and he was just as perfectly imperfect.


Olly and Maggie went through so much normal, frustrating, stressful life stuff and handled it like champs. Honestly there wasn't a single moment in this book I wasn't going "omg I completely understand what you did or why you’re feeling like that." Which just made me connect even more to the characters and the story. I love that it was a struggle and we saw both sides of it.


Pregnancy is funny because if you're lucky you go through this thing with the other person and yet it's so different for each of you. And then you still have all the non-baby things to do and deal with around the whole being responsible for a tiny little human parasite. And this book portrayed it perfectly plus threw in some amazing sports and college and new adult awesomeness.


I'm completely fangirling over this book. I mean I'm hardly surprised it was perfect because Lex always nails it. But this was just so real. Love this series.



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