It's funny how many times I have wanted to read this book and put it down because I was worried it would be too sad or dark for my mood. And now that I've read it I wish I had pulled up my big girl panties earlier. It definitely had moments where I teared up a little bit but for the most part the story was just beautiful.


Rylan and Channing had both been through such a terrible upbringing and sadly Rylan had chosen to follow in his parents’ path. Channing had worked hard not to be her mother but after making some naive choices found herself in a compromised position. From the first time they laid eyes on each other they had an instant connection that I felt through the pages.


Both Rylan and Channing had beautiful hearts and I loved how hard they were both prepared to work to make the best of things. And to be the best possible version of themselves for each other but especially for the innocent life they were committed to from the start. Honestly through everything I couldn’t have loved them or their actions more. Even when everything was against them, they just held their heads up and worked to make things better.


They had some awesome secondary characters around them who I’m really looking forward to getting to know better when they each get their own stories. They also had some truly horrible people who thankfully got some of what they deserved, and I loved that the author wrapped up most of the strings from Rylan and Channing’s story. There wasn’t any miracle or fairy god mother making things magically amazing there was just real life and a continuation of them working their arses off.



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