I've been driving myself a little insane trying to find books to read. I am really craving an over the top alpha and whenever I go searching it seems either I've read them all or they are ones I don't want to read for one reason or another. So in short I'm annoying AF in my own head and can't decide on a book for hours.


I can't even tell you how I came across this one but I thought it sounded like it would appease me. And it really did work for me. I was worried how it would go since it was set in high school but with the wolf shifter and the bully aspects it did come across as an older feeling read.

Cole was a complete alphahole but omg he was so alpha and he absolutely nailed the dirty talk. And once he started to be less bully and more boyfriend he nailed that even better. Because he owned the whole growling, protective, possessive boyfriend.


Bailey had been through so much but she was still fighting. I loved that she was strong enough to stand up to Cole and the rest of the school. And the way she looked out for Rayne. I'm really looking forward to reading this series and getting books on each of the other alphaholes and Rayne and hopefully Cole's sister.



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