by Nikki Hall

Release Date: June 23rd



HARD HITTER, the third book in the Wild Card series, by Nikki Hall is NOW AVAILABLE!! 



My biggest mistake is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Chloe Asher is off limits. Maybe if I repeat it enough times I’ll stop giving in every time she shows up in the middle of the night pleading for help. She takes nothing seriously, especially not me, yet I can’t stop thinking about her. It doesn’t matter how I crave her smile or burn for her touch. D is family. He trusted me with his sister. I promised to take care of her, which means I absolutely can’t keep kissing her in dark corners every chance I get.

My life is a hot mess. Literally, if you’re talking about the small, insignificant fire in my dorm. TU is my opportunity to start over, but I can’t seem to break old habits—especially ones involving Noah Olsen. One of my brother’s best friends, and the only guy to turn me down. I don’t give second chances, but when he comes to my rescue again and again, I start to wonder if he’s what I’m missing in my life—until one little mistake could cost me my future.

Hard Hitter is the third full-length novel in the Wild Card series of steamy interconnected standalones featuring the football players of Teagan University—a brother’s best friend, grumpy/sunshine, it's always been you, college football romance with plenty of heat.


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Grab this brother's best friend, grumpy/sunshine, he falls first, college football romance today!! 



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Nikki Hall is a smart-ass with a Ph.D. and a potty mouth. She writes stories that have spice and sass because she doesn’t know any other way. Coffee makes her happy, messes make her stabby, and she’d sell one of her children for a second season of Firefly. She also writes paranormal romance under the name Nicole Hall.



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