Gah this book is just further proof that my brain hates me. I pre-ordered this book as soon as I could, but then countless other books were read while I waited and when this landed on my kindle, I put off reading it. I'd forgotten the characters and the previous books, and I just kept getting distracted by other books.


Then finally I decided to read this book and I was right back with the guys and their WAGs. I remember thinking that Jade was an idiot for her plan to marry Sam and then bam in swoops Declan. And I really didn't expect that much swoon from Declan. Getting his point of view and learning about his past, he just might be my favourite wildcat.


Jade and Declan were super-hot together. But the story had so much more depth and emotion that I was expecting from a fake marriage story. Both Jade and Declan were so relatable and the fact that Declan could understand where Jade was coming from and go beyond to help made him even better. Because Jade was so used to being the independent bad bitch she has always been, and Declan managed to support that perfectly.


The book was awesome, and I am kicking myself I didn't read it a month ago when it landed. But now hopefully the next one will be that much quicker to wait for.




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