Kristen Ashley is the queen of alpha's so when she started the whole mystery thing, I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Luckily for all ka fans it went with a bang and was freaking awesome. And this one was actually better than the last.


I had this on preorder and before I could start, I had to find an audio book for a two hour drive and all I could focus on was my desire to read this so I ended up buying it twice. And the narration was great. I actually was bummed to arrive at my destination and have to put the story aside for a few hours.


Rus and Cin felt like they were made for each other. And I was so in love with Rus by the time he met Cin that no one less than her would have been enough. But damn do I wish I was her when I grew up. Throw in her beautiful daughter Madden and they were the perfect package for Rus.


The story had me absolutely captivated and I don't know if I was just oblivious or if I was just so engrossed in the story, but I literally didn't see that character as being the killer. I honestly, gasped his name out when it was revealed and then wondered if I had missed something when that character was mentioned earlier. But in the end, I decided I don't care if I missed something that whole thing was awesome.


I really really hope that Kristen Ashley continues with this series. Because as much as I love her writing and have several of her books on my all-time favourites list I have been struggling with some of her other works. But this was gold, and I loved every word. And I'm praying that Sabrina and Jace are coming to our kindles soon.


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