It's been a minute since I read the last book in this series, so I only vaguely remember the characters. But I did grab this on KU the second I put the other one down, I just don't know why it took me so long to pick up this one. I think my mood changed and I went looking for over the top alpha vibes and steered away from college sports for a bit.


Which after reading this book feels crazy. This did not at all feel like a college sports romance. Despite East literally having his whole world wrapped up in it, he was so completely all about Wren I forgot he was a player. And I mean that in both sense of the word. This book was hot AF, and I was blown away. First east can dirty talk, damn. Second the chemistry between them was so hot I actually had to put this down around the kids.


Wren was a great character and I loved that she didn't fall for East easily. But I love more that once she saw who East really was, she was all in and loud and proud about it. Because East gave awesome boyfriend and everything about these two together was just perfect.


Now I'm going to one click Ben's book and probably wait forever to actually read it. Toodles.




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