Sarina Bowen knows how to give me all the feels. And any time she wants to take me to Vermont I am there. But it feels like forever since the last book of hers I've read. Then I start reading and all of these characters and places start jumping out at me, and I feel like I'm actually visiting somewhere I've been before.


Leila and Mateo had a long and complex history and getting to see them back in time added so much depth and heartbreak to where their relationship was at the start of this story. Because there was so much that could have gone differently and yet it played out so realistically and naturally. I kept expecting some big drama or weird revelation and instead I got emotions and just the right amount of angst.


The whole story had so much sweet and just enough heartbreak that I didn't want to put it down to adult. I loved that we got another Rossi sibling married off and got to catch up with so many awesome characters from previous books. This is a complete standalone and although there are a lot of cross over characters it really doesn't matter. I can't wait to see who is up next and maybe get another glimpse of some more old fictional friends.




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