I put off reading this book after I put down the last book because I had this impression of Felicity, and I wasn't sure I would like her story. So, I had it sitting on my kindle taunting me every time I tried to figure out what I was going to read next. I am so glad I just dove into.


First the story didn't go at all as I was expecting. And since everything we already knew about Felicity was from other people's perspectives, I quickly discovered my opinion on her was biased. Once I got to know her and her history, I loved her and was team Felicity.


Silas was the perfect man for Felicity. And he just kept proving it over and over. I loved that they were both prepared to fight for their relationship. Especially after the way things had fallen apart the first time around. I felt all of their history and chemistry and fell in love with them along the journey.


There's also been a great addition of new characters that I can't wait to see more of in the rest of the series.





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