Ok I feel like a massive idiot. To be fair my goldfish memory makes remembering characters names almost impossible so when I read the blurb for this, I had no idea who the book was about. Then I started reading and it all came flooding back to me and I can't believe I didn't realise who this book was about.


Because holy shit the single mum is Scout's sister, and her daughter is the slightly scary Macie who I loved in the last book. And why didn't that even occur to me until I was already reading this book. I mean obviously they are secondary characters in the previous book so in this one we got to know them a lot more. And I really loved them.


Stevie was such a great Mum, but I loved that she wasn't just a mum. The whole book wasn't about Macie or about what she should be doing as a single mum. It was just about Stevie and Greer getting to know each other and Macie being a part of the equation. It had the perfect balance and I appreciated that almost as much as the awesome story.


The character development was great, and it was as perfectly paced as the rest of the story. The relationship felt like it developed really realistically, and it had some seriously hot scenes in there. Damn Greer was all that with a little bit more edge to him and it had me fanning myself while I read it.


This series has been great. The perfect blend of great characters, awesome stories, sports, laughs, chemistry, and friendship. Hopefully there's more to come.





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