This book just reinforces the fact I have no chill. I have been anxiously awaiting this since I read the epilogue in the last one and was going to grab it from KU. Then I got my subscription email from the talented Devney Perry and saw it was already available on audible. So, I bought it and listened to it in one sitting. #sorrynotsorry.


Lyla has always been a stable, level-head in the Eden family and was very easy to like from a distance without much thought. So having her as the heroine and getting a more in-depth look into her was beautiful. She was so level-headed and realistic and looked at things logically while still acknowledging that she felt all the feels. I loved her.


I have to admit Vance started on the back foot a little with me, but I quickly got over my reservations and fell in love with him too. He was so upfront, and no BS and I enjoyed the fact he just put it out there but with the utmost respect for everyone else and how they might feel or react. 


I did figure out pretty quickly the twist, but I didn't see it playing out quite how it did. Although I did enjoy watching it happen. And the epilogue and teaser for the next book has me dying to get my hands on it. Please.




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