This book probably wouldn't have made it to my TBR if I hadn't accidentally read an excerpt in one of my favourite authors newsletters and gotten hooked. Then I instantly grabbed it on KU and saw that cover. Damn that cover is sooo hot. And today I had the perfect lazy Sunday, and this book was the absolute cherry on top.


Jake and Harper had chemistry out the wahzoo and I loved seeing them together before they got together. But once Jake pulled his head out and set about winning Harper back, I couldn't get enough of him. Because while Harper was an awesome character, Jake was #bookboyfriendgoals. Between the jealous possessiveness and the growling and dirty mouth I was obsessed.


For 99.9% of the book, I was so distracted by Jake's all in attitude that I forgot about the 6 year separation. When I did think about it, I wanted to shake him, but then I remembered he was doing it for the absolutely adorable Sydney, and I still thought he was an idiot but I could get over it. 


This book was surprisingly hot AF, which I wasn't expecting. It also had the whole range of emotions. And so many secondary characters I am hoping to have their own books. About halfway through this I had to go stalk Harloe Rae's Goodreads profile and I have half a dozen of her books on my TBR, but this is the first I've read. It absolutely won't be the last because her writing is superb.




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