God I love going back to Vermont and catching up with the Shipley siblings. I think Sarina Bowen has just got me so hooked on this whole series. Every single time I pick one of these books up my mind just races in all of these different directions while my heart just melts.

I honestly can't really remember much about Dylan. No offense to him but he was just one of the background characters in his siblings stories and I was so invested in their story I overlooked him back there. I do remember Chastity but only because I was so impressed with the bravery it would take to flee the only home she's known and flee into the unknown. 

And my opinion of her bravery was only reinforced in this book. She was so inexperienced in the world but she was determined to live her life and not wallow in the past. I loved that she wasn't afraid to be different but she didn't want sympathy she just wanted to live life happy and free.

Dylan was a little harder for me. I loved him even when I wanted to slap him. He was such a clueless idiot but he wasn't thoughtless and for me that made all the difference. He went through his own tragedies but he dealt with them by laughing and having a good time so no-one knew how deeply everything affected him until he couldn't deal with it.

And while I loved their story and their connection I also loved the rest of the story just as much. I can't believe Leah and Isaac are leaving and going back to Wyoming. I need more of that story. I need the cult escapees and an update on the people still at Paradise Ranch. I also need Rickie's story yesterday but I am hoping we will get all of that in Daphne's story.

I hate to get to the end of this book and have to wait to get my next installment even if they are seriously worth the wait. 


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