As soon as I put down Fix Her Up I was dying to read the story of Dominic and Rosie. I ran straight to Edelweiss and requested a review copy and got promptly declined. Then a while later they must have forgotten about that and they sent me a review copy. But as is my chaotic mind I wasn't in the right headspace for the story so I held off.

It was so obvious that Rosie and Dominic loved each other but along the way life got in the way. And I thought maybe there was going to be a very devastating reason why Dominic had closed down the lines of communication with Rosie. I was really glad that wasn't the case. They had both just gotten lost in the routine. 

Reading this I actually found myself realising how true it is of every relationship. We all do need love shown or told to us in our own ways and sometimes we take for granted that our partners might need it in a different way. 

Dominic did countless things to show his love for Rosie but he did them so quietly she wasn't even aware of them. He was so in love with Rosie I could feel it the whole time I was reading their story. And while Rosie obviously loved Dominic she was so caught in what he wasn't doing for her she didn't realise how little she was giving back.

I loved how hard Dominic fought to make Rosie's dreams come true. He was all the things  I love in a romance hero. And even though he wasn't great at communicating what he was thinking and feeling he was prepared to put his own insecurity aside to keep his wife. And the fact he was such a vocal, dominant partner in the bedroom just added to his appeal. 

Because damn does Tessa Bailey do dirty talk well. And as emotional as I found this book I also got a lot of sexual chemistry. Plus I got the Just Us League and a massive tease for Bethany and Wes. Which feels like it's going to be a panties optional read ;)


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