I was scrolling through KU when this popped up as a recommendation and I have to say after I stopped drooling over the cover I clicked it. I really liked the Smart Jocks series by Rebecca once I looked at that.

Initially the writing style made it hard for me to get into the story. Then Elle was acting like a bit of a doormat in regards to her ex and I was thinking about putting it down but my stubbornness kicked in. And honestly I am glad. The writing style grew on me or maybe it was more that I got over it as I got wrapped up in the story.

Ryan was perfect and I was really loving everything about him until he was a giant idiot. Now Elle probably could have clued him in on her original plan but then again I get why she wouldn't have. But Ryan reacted to a rumour and ran away without once getting any clarification. Then he gets more information through rumour and gossip and comes back. At this point I expect a load of grovel. Instead I got those 2 dreaded words. The end. Nope not good enough. Nothing's resolved enough. Where's my happily ever after? Where's Elle's backbone? Where's anything to explain why he acted like a dick and ran off for weeks?

So I am pretty torn because I was enjoying the story. I was liking the characters. I am happy with where I'm thinking the series is going to go but what damn am I mad about the last 10 - 15% of the book. I think I best check some reviews since I went into this all blind.


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