I have been dying for the story of Jules and Berk since the very beginning. Their backstory was so perfect and sweet, I just knew I was going to love their story. They were both such beautiful characters and I loved them individually but I knew they would be amazing together. The whole series has been one of those that I am holding my breath waiting for the next one but this one in particular feels like I have been waiting for it forever.

First I need to express how beautiful Jules is. Inside and out she is just sugar and spice and all things nice. And having to live through her shrew mother’s judgment and bullshit I could understand her being so self conscious and afraid of judgement. But she put so much effort into getting passed all of that and making herself happy with herself. And she came out of this so strong and knew what she deserved and went after it. But she did it in such a sweet way because she was such a genuinely sweet and caring person who wanted everyone around her to have nothing but the best.

Berk was perfect for her. He had come through so much and still had his own demons he was fighting. But he knew how awesome Jules was, his only hesitation was that he was so caught up on The Letter Girl. 

Their story was all that I had hoped for and I loved every part of it. The only problem I have now is that there are so many more stories I need Maya Hughes to write. I mean there’s Marissa and LJ obviously. But I also need Max and the mystery man and Johanssen and Willa. I just can’t wait for the next book regardless of who we get I just need it now.


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