I am really struggling on how to review this book. I feel like just the fact Aurora Rose Reynolds wrote it should be enough said. But I guess I mean Aurora is one of my top auto buy authors and I love her writing. I love going in knowing the type of hero I'm going to get. And knowing I am going to be happy with the outcome.

Chrissie was sweet and loving and I was a big fan of hers from the start. She knew who she was and what she wanted and I liked that when she first met Gaston she didn't fall all over herself to get his attention. 

Gaston was everything I love about the author. He is sexy but not a manwhore, driven but doesn't put his work before his friends and family. But mostly he knows who he wants and goes all out to win her over and convince her she's it for him.

Together they were so cute and the chemistry was scorching hot. Their relationship developed quickly but it still felt natural and I was right there the whole time with them. There was really minimal drama and the whole book was just one big warm fuzzy.

A great read for a lazy afternoon 


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