Ok Leo is officially my favourite pleasure pony. I wasn't sure if I was even going to read this one because the last one just missed the mark for me. But I love the author and the blurb sounded great and that cover is just so hot and it's on KU so of course I had to read it and damn I couldn't put it down. 

Leo was just everything. I mean sure he's a bit of a spoilt rich kid which I would kill to be able to relate to but is so far outside of my reality i wanted to hate him a little. But he was just so perfect and he knew who he was and what he wanted and he showed it in so many small ways before he absolutely nailed the grand gesture.

Kora was a little weak for me personally. Which makes me feel like an arse to admit and I am completely sympathetic to everything she had gone through but she needed to stand up and fight for what she wanted. Or even just stand up for herself just once.

But Leo made up for everything and Kora's shortfalls just highlighted how perfect Leo was. And now I am absolutely going to be grabbing the rest of the series off KU.


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