Oh my god I loved that whole thing. The meet cute over a wrong number was adorable. But I really appreciated the sense of humour Zach and Delia shared. As a fluent sarcasm speaker I really enjoyed their text conversations. 

I had my reservations when it started off with Delia breaking up with her boyfriend. But the author did that so well i didn't have my normal issues because there just weren't any to be had. And for a while there I was expecting him to be a bit of a plot twist but nope he was just a genuinely good guy she was friends with.

And really who could not fall for a sexy nerd? Especially one who's so sweet and loves baby goats and has a hot ass. Sigh. So yeah this book was awesome. And the background characters were just as great and now I have seen that Zoe is getting her book next so I'm off to one click.


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