Well it's honestly no surprise how much I loved that book. It was classic Aurora Rose Reynolds with a musical twist. Not to take away from Jessica Marin because she just became an author for me to stalk after reading the magic these two created together.

Gavin was everything I expect from a leading man from Boom Publishing. He had jealous and possessive down. And I loved that he went out of his way to make Aly feel special and to let her know he was thinking about her. Along with his very public declarations to make sure she and everyone else knew he was all in.

But Aly was perfection on her own. She trusted how she felt about Gavin and she went with it. And even when things weren't going well she took a step back and thought it through and trusted in what she believed and felt. I loved that about her. Yeah she was upset and she went off to regroup but she didn't blow things out of proportion or automatically assume that everything was as it seemed. She just sat back and processed it.

Naturally the chemistry was burning off the pages. I felt their connection and I loved the fact they didn't pay attention to anyone else's thoughts on how they should feel or act. They were so great together, I inhaled this book and now I just wish I could read it for the first time all over again.


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