I read the rest of the series so long ago that I honestly don't remember anything about it except that I loved it. When I saw this release I knew I had to get my hands on it. And luckily for me it can be read as a standalone. But I really have a massive urge to do a reread before Adams book.

Iain started off as a massive jerk and I really wanted to see him get put in his place. He was so cold and came across so unfeeling that if half the book wasn't told from his point of view I probably would have hated him.

Where as Holland I adored from the first page. She was so sweet for everything that her mum had put her through she didn't let it get her down or make her bitter. She just dealt with it and worked her arse off to get what she wanted.

I love that she gave Iain as good as she got. She called him out on his behavior and didn't she away from asking him what she wanted to know. Every step of the way she fought to be treated like an equal instead of as his best friends baby sister.

Watching their relationship grow and learning everything they have been through had me glued to the pages. And I couldn't put it down trying to figure out what the twist was. And when it came out I was so relieved. There was the right amount of drama to keep my interest but not too much to make it unrealistic. 

I love this authors writing style and everyone of these books has been awesome. I really hope that Adam and A.J. are up next.


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