Phoenix and Griffin were so much more than I expected,  which I know sounds stupid and I say it nearly every book. But I have these impressions of who each Bailey sibling is from previous books until I read their book and uncover all their depth.

I really expected Phoenix to be young and self centered and maybe a little naive and ditzy. And maybe the first chapter she was a little bit but she was so much more. And I loved that she fell so hard for maverick but wasn't trying to fill the role of parent. For me it just made their relationship special and feel really genuine. 

Griffin started off a little shallow with his reasoning for leaving LA but then as he opened up to Phoenix I understood him better. And I really loved his commitment to his son. Which he also had towards Phoenix even if he did go about showing it a little backwards.

This series is just continuing to get better and I love watching the family grow and learning more about each of the siblings as individuals. And the more I get the more I can't wait to see who's next and who's pregnant. 


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