So Mica was all that I had hoped. But OMG did he make me cry. That poor guy had been through so much I just wanted to wrap him up and keep him safe. But he spent all of his time trying to protect and help everyone around him. 

And although it was all about Mica for me when I first picked this up I fell in love with Charlie pretty quickly. She was so sweet and even though she was trying to protect herself from being hurt she didn't hide it or play games. She admitted to her feelings and didn't expect anything from Mica he wasn't prepared or able to give her.

I really loved the series and I read the little teaser for the next book before racing to Amazon and discovering it's not out yet and I can't find it anywhere so now I am having a tantrum because I was super excited to dive into Krista's book.

I hate waiting !!!!!


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