Well this was nowhere near my radar, in fact I had my reading all scheduled and then I got this as a recommendation from an author I love on BookBub. And it was the bright shiny distraction I couldn't help but grab off KU. And from the start I was addicted.

Ainsley was so crazy and real, from the first chapter I loved her. I probably shouldn't admit to how relatable I found her. She made me laugh with her quirks, and feel her pain and her caring. Ainsley was just everything that is perfect in a new adult college romance. She wasn't a doormat, she knew who she was and despite a few detours she went after what she wanted.

Oh my god Maverick. Seriously I just couldn't get enough of him. I loved his bad boy persona and his heart of gold. He was so beautiful and I could read more of him all day, every day. Plus it helped that he was a little bit vengeful and made sure the aceholes who upset his girl got what they deserved.

This story was absolutely worth being distracted by. I am praying that Kristy Marie writes, Sebastian and Cooper and Bennett and Rowan all books super fast. I can't believe it's the first book I have picked up of hers but I will absolutely be stalking her for more.


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