So Mr July was none other than Bourne and since he is the twin of Booth I felt like I knew a whole lot of his story. And honestly I did. I knew that he stayed home and joined the SWAT team to help Delaney raise Asa.

I didn't really think about what he had given up to do that. Although I knew that he had been crushing on Delaney forever, I didn't really know much more about him. So having him front and centre was awesome and I enjoyed getting to know more about what made him tick.

Delaney had previously felt a little cold and distant and I had her pegged as a little bit selfish. And I was kind of right, but seeing her actions through Bourne's eyes I really liked her. She did everything for her son and worked hard to earn everything he needed so she didn't have to be a burden to anyone else.

I was expecting a fair amount of drama in this book that I didn't really get. There was some drama but most of it didn't come from where I expected. And I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for it to happen and rejoicing when it went in a whole other direction.

Now I can't wait to get my hands on Mr August. I have been so fixated on Booth and Dillon and Bourne and Delaney, I have no idea who's up next but I can't wait.


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