Alright so I finished Drive Me Wild and I ran straight over to kindle and bought the rest of the series. And as soon as it finished downloading I dove straight into Take Me Down. And I have zero regrets.

I thought I loved Luke but Jace just blew him out of the water and I absolutely call dibs. He was so far from being a bad boy except for the fact of his parentage. Oh and the car theft. But he was just such a misunderstood, misjudged, sweetheart. I liked him from the start but I fell more and more in love with him as his secrets were revealed. 

He was so beautiful and had been dealt such a rough hand I just wanted to wrap him up and keep him safe. And I loved that Tara saw through the reputation to his solid gold heart. She was such an awesome match for him and appreciated all his many pieces.

I really love watching the brothers slowly learning how to be a family. And getting the next step in Luke and Emily's story was perfect. This was a great read and now I am off to read Ryan's book.


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