I have been both excited and anxious about getting my hands on this book. I adore Maya Hughes Fulton U and Kings of Rittenhouse books but whenever an author moves even a little out of the genre's I love them for I get nervous. Plus I want more of the things I know I love, cause I'm greedy like that.

And to be honest it took me a bit to get into this book. But I think that's more me trying to read with a demanding three year old hovering. Because both characters were awesome. Zara was so self sufficient and had worked so hard for everything she had and deserved so much more.

I loved her grit and determination so much. At times she got in her own way but I understood why and couldn't blame her. But seriously, Leo. That man pretty much had me from the start. He loved so hard and wanted to make everything easy for everyone he cared for. I adored him so much and he was perfect for Zara.

Naturally the rest of the SWANK guys were great, in their own unique ways. And I am dying to see how each of their stories play out. I really enjoyed the story and the teasers to all the guys has my clicky finger all twitchy.



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