I have been anticipating this story since the beginning. I knew there was history between Lauren and Dex from way back when. And even though they were barely in the same room together I could feel the tension. 

Dex was such a tortured soul, I was dying to know what was behind all of his mysterious brooding crazy vibes. I had all of these theories and I was way off but I really enjoyed the ride. I didn't really know what to expect with him. Was he truly a messed up acehole or was he just lost and hiding his worries in oblivion. 

Luckily Lauren had the answers to some of Dex's riddles and she looked past the rumours and didn't care what anyone thought. And I think her complete lack of hesitation with Dex was the best part of their story. She really looked at him and saw his pain and didn't believe he was anything but who he was. And she didn't care what anyone else thought.

These two were great together and I loved watching Dex get a life he deserved. Seeing the brothers all come together as a family in their own unique way was half of the fun. And the epilogue at the end was a great way to cap off the series. The Rigg's brothers really did go through hell to get their happily ever after and I really enjoyed watching it all unfold.


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