So I saw this advertised as a freebie and with my slight one click addiction and the fact it sounded like something I would enjoy I just had to grab it. And I am glad I did, it was a great introduction to a new series and a new author.

First I have to tell you that Emily came across as a bit of a bitch. But as I got to know her better I kind of got it. Small towns are hard and judgy and everyone knows everyone's everything and she was young and dumb. And when she got older and knew better than to be caught up with who people thought Luke was there was a whole heap of drama and impending disaster. But once she realised that she wanted him to be more than her dirty little secret she pulled up her big girl panties and put herself out there.

But honestly this whole story was about Luke for me. Because man was that man all kinds of bad arse, sweetness in a muscled, tattooed package and I licked him so he’s mine. Seriously he had a way of saying the sweetest things in the most growly, masculine of ways that I physically felt the chills and tingles. He was in such a hard position but he was so determined to be better than he was stereotyped. 

I felt like there was a little bit of the background story that I would have liked to see resolved. But I am assuming that the strings of the Riggs father will be dealt with in the succeeding books. And since the last book is Emily’s sister I am thinking we will get everything all tied up in a neat little bow by then. Anywho I am off to grab the rest of the series and have a binge.


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