This series has been the perfect binge read. I am so glad I one clicked Drive Me Wild as a freebie because I am so hooked on these beautiful broken men from the wrong side of the tracks. Each of these books can be read as a standalone but having read them back to back I am loving watching the Rigg's brothers become a family. And watching each relationship grow and develop. 

So I went into this book with a vague idea of what I was expecting. But I wasn't sure what I was going to get with Ryan. Sure we know he's a single dad hiring a nanny who he's previously slept with. I knew there was going to be a whole mess of sexual tension. And since I read this as part of the series I knew about some of Ryan's other demons and the fact he was a massive player. So I was expecting some angst and drama.

What I got was so far from what I was expecting, in that, it avoided a lot of the cliches I was anticipating. And I enjoyed every second. I was so emotionally invested in the story and not just because of Ryan's sex on a stick persona. But because he was so much deeper.

Kate was probably a little less perfect than the last two ladies. And even though she was a little less patient and understanding I could understand her feelings and reactions to everything going on around her. Dylan was such a great character and was so involved in the story it made it all very realistic.

Now I am diving into Dex and Lauren's  story and I can't wait. I have been dying to get to the bottom of them since the start.


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