This book has been lingering in the back of my thoughts since I started the series. It's something I have experienced first-hand, finding out by accident that my parents aren't actually my parents. And it's hard to express how much that fundamentally changes you. How it fractures your relationship with the people closest to you.

Because despite nothing changing, everything you think you know about yourself is suddenly wrong. And the people you have trusted have lied to you for your entire life. So I completely understood where Ethan was coming from, BUT I couldn't justify his actions.

Emily was such a sweetheart and knowing how in love they were, I couldn't grasp how Ethan could have walked away. So, I was glad when Emily didn't just roll over and welcome him home. I was even more glad to see him realise the pain and devastation he left behind and set about making amends.

The love and chemistry between these two was awe inspiring. I felt like they were inevitable from the start. And I really loved this conclusion to their family drama. I can't wait to see the next lot of secrets that Natasha has in store for us next year.


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