I put off reading this because of my weird Covid book slump. I love everything that Ilsa writes and the blurb for this had me dying to read it but I didn't want my issues to ruin it for me. Until finally I couldn't hold myself back from diving in.

First as a non American, I have a serious lady crush on these strong, independent,  Southern women. Im sure they all just walk around all "bless your heart" sugary smiles with a backbone of steel. And that's entirely how I pictured Elena from the start. She was so sweet and strong. A complete lady who could slap anyone down with her words while flashing a beauty queen smile.

Elena had so much going on and it just made her stronger and determined to hold it all together. And her meeting with Jack was great. I fell completely in love with her. Even though Jack was amazing and it was all about him for me, I know that's all because of how awesome Elena was.

Jack was so broken. And I really loved that he had good reason for it. And even when he let his broken edges rule his actions he was still a genuinely nice, caring person. I loved that he was surrounded by so many people who knew him and were perfect secondary characters. Who hopefully will be getting their own books.

I am so glad I waited to read this because this book was just what I needed. And I can't wait to see what Ilsa has planned for us next.


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