The thing that excited me most about this was that it feels like it's a sneak peek into their lives after the romance novel ends. Like at the end of the romance novel we kind of get a blanket, they all lived happily ever after but they still have life to live. And this feels like it's picked up and showing us the after the happily ever after.

Having been a fan of Cletus and his crazy mind I was so looking forward to getting more of him and Jenn. I went into this not realising that the time line of this is before book six so I had a lot of moments where I was confused for a second, but it wasn't anything I couldn't immediately shake off. It just made me want to do a reread.

I think the best description for this came from Penny herself when she described it as a cozy mystery. I had a fair idea of what I was going to get but I still couldn't put it down waiting to see how Cletus was going to handle it all. Sadly he wasn't very vengeful, but maybe that will be book two.


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