If I wasn't so addicted to Alley Ciz's writing I would absolutely hate her. But I seriously have no self-control when it comes to her books. Almost any other author writes a duet and I wait for the second one to be released before I jump in. Especially after they nearly killed me with the cliff-hanger in their last two books. But no, I just couldn't wait. And now I'm in purgatory waiting until June for the next book.


I'm trying so hard to get a handle on it but damn I feel like a toddler in a tiara having a meltdown.


As a massive fan I went into this knowing that Savvy is the ultimate queen b. The only question really is who could be worthy? And who would be man enough to stand up to the Royals? And I have to say Jasper was all that. He wasn't quite as alpha-hole as I was expecting but that wasn't a negative.


I loved everything about this story. There was so much going on I wasn't sure which bomb was going to go off first and what it would be packed with. I literally sat on the edge of my chair clutching my book trying to get as much reading time in as possible. I loved the secondary characters that were new. I loved getting little snippets of the characters we already knew. And I loved everything Savvy and Jasper.


Having this told in dual point of views made me love Jasper that much more. And I can't wait to see how he reacts to the surprise announcement that the book ended on. But even more, I can't wait to see the Royal’s reaction. I can already sense the epicness of book two, I just wish it was already on my kindle.


If you are new to Alley's books you are going to be happy because there's a whole heap of awesome for you to one click. And since this can be read as a standalone from the earlier books you can do that after you finish this duet.




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