I'm really struggling with the review for this book. See I had moments where I was able to sit back and get lost in it, but the majority of the time I was surrounded in chaos and constant interruptions. And sadly, this ended up feeling more like an obligation than an escape.


I started off really liking Indie and Hudson but then I had moments where I wanted to slap them. And I felt like they had too many issues that made them seem a little whiney. Don't get me wrong, I can understand that they are human and insecure about certain things. But they both had good lives, surrounded by people who loved and supported them. So, after a while I was kind of over them.


Yet, I also know that a large part of my issues are my own frustrations being put on them. And I know if I read this last week I probably would have been more sympathetic and understanding. So, I feel like an arse picking on other people's issues just because I'm having a bad week and want to kick rocks.


The positives are that it was really beautifully written, there was no cliche crap. The relationship was sweet and I loved Hudson and how open and loving he was towards Indie. Because for most of the book he was book boyfriend goals. And there wasn't anything wrong with the story or the relationship development and I'm absolutely going to check out the other books by this author when I'm not being a cranky witch.



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