I've learnt from my recent rookie school holiday mistakes and waited for the kids to crash before I picked this up. So now I'm just wickedly sleep deprived because no way could I put a Sarina Bowen book down. Especially since it feels like it's been forever since we have caught up with the Brooklyn Bruisers. And now we have the Bombshells, and I am so there for it.


I love the fact that we have added a women's team to the franchise. I can't wait until it's mainstream but for now I'll bask in the glow of the Bombshells. We have the same awesome characters we already know and love. Plus, some amazing women that I'm praying will all get their stories told.


However, let's focus on Sylvie and Anton. Baby Bayer has grown up and he is all man. From the second he caught sight of Sylvie I could feel the pheromones pouring off him. I loved that he had grown up and learnt from his mistakes and was taking his life seriously and trying to be the best version of himself.


Sylvie and her connection to her mum gave me all the feels. I loved every time she got another hairclip. It was such a small thing, but it just made me smile the whole way through. She was so self-aware and despite going into things with her mind set on one thing she wasn't afraid to look at it and reassess.


Together they were great, and I couldn't get enough of them. I absolutely love this series and I loved seeing the earlier couple’s relationship progression. And while I would normally be jumping up and down for the next book, I can be slightly chill about it thanks to all of the wonderful true north world books I have on my kindle. Ok nah I really need that next one. Please.



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