I really picked the wrong time to read this book. But in my defence, I didn't realise that until I was about 30% in and by then I had to finish it. Because if I put a book down, even if it is a good book, I can't come back to it, I don't know why my brain just won't let me. So, I pushed on and read the book, in the middle of school holidays, with a house full of kids. And I was entirely distracted the whole time.


I have this issue where I know the book was good, I enjoyed the book. I liked the characters, but I feel like I didn't connect with it like I ordinarily would have. I kind of hate myself, but I also know it would have been the same no matter what I read. And at least with this story it was relatively drama free and just a fun, happy read. So, I didn't miss out on all the emotions, I just feel like I would have enjoyed it better next week.


Nadia and Crosby were both great characters who, although I couldn’t really relate to them, I liked. They had their own quirks that made them interesting, and I had a good laugh at their banter. The chemistry was so hot and there were a few scenes in there that I was fanning my face so the kids wouldn’t notice my blush. I liked the secondary characters and I love knowing that there are a heap of stories there, both told and still to come, that I can read when the mood hits me for a hot, drama free read.



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