I have been on a real college sports kick recently. The last four book I read before this were all based around college hockey. So, when I first started reading this it felt like a continuation of those books. Especially since it has been so long since I read the earlier book in this series. And then they started playing sardines and it all came flooding back. Because that's how my brain works, apparently.


Once it all came flooding back, I remembered how much I was loving everything about it. The characters are all awesome and I love how tight they all are. Adam and Reagan were such a cute couple. Despite the fact that they were very different in a lot of ways they complimented each other perfectly.


Everything about this story was fun and from the start I was sucked in dying to know how these two were going to get to their happily ever after. Because despite how hot and perfect they were together they had a lot of different things going against them.


And since there are so many wonderful secondary characters, I am hoping that we will be getting loads more books in the series. I am so excited to see that the next book in the series is Rhett's because that boy has been book boyfriend goals since the beginning.



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