I inhaled the first three Moo U books and then jumped on the chance to get advanced reader copies of the next four. But in between then and now my goldfish memory kicked in and I kind of forgot everything and everyone until I started reading. Then I was right back there and madly crushing on Paxton.


Each of these books are standalones with crossover characters set in the same time and place. And I'm loving getting to read some new authors but I'm especially loving getting to know each character from a different perspective. This has been the ultimate example of everyone is the main character of their own story. Because I am learning how wrong my assumptions are when it comes to each character.


I went back and forth so hard with Naomi and Paxton. They made so many stupid miscommunication errors and jumped to conclusions and I wanted to smack them. Then I would remember they are college students and both of them had so many outside influences pushing them in different directions and I would forgive them.


This book was a great addition to the series and I'm absolutely loving being in the True North world. But right now I am diving straight into Patrick's book because as much as I didn't like him for the first three quarters of this book, I do love watching a man whore fall.






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