I am such an idiot. I've been loving this series and I was so excited to read this book after seeing what a mess Adam had been in the previous book. But for some reason once this hit my kindle I was dreading reading it. Second chance romance can be so unpredictable, someone, somehow has messed up and now they are reconciling but there is still this cloud of the past. Plus, as mentioned Adam was a mess so I kind of hated Lucy on principle.


Then she rocks up with amnesia and still thinks she is happily married to Adam. Not that he had made a lot of progress on the road to recovery, but he had finally picked himself up. That leaves us with so many questions. And no one has the answer because of a fluke accident. Seriously I didn't even know where they were going to start.


But it's Piper Rayne and they nailed it. Adam was beautiful, everything about that man was perfect. And honestly as much as I didn't want to like Lucy, she warmed up to me and I ended up loving her. I guessed the reason for her leaving pretty early and personally it pissed me off. But not enough to ruin the story and with the way it was written I kind of got over it.


The bombshell at the end is super exciting. I am so glad these lovely ladies can pump out these books fast because I am dying to read that book.




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