I kind of don't know how to explain my feelings on this book. I felt a lot of different emotions and opinions during the reading of this story. And trying to explain it without spoilers feels like a mission and a half but I'm going to try. But before I try I have to say that I love Lexi Ryan. Her books are so well written, and her characters are real and flawed and I don't think I could ever end a book and hate it.


I guess I should start by saying for a good percentage I was pretty sure I hated Dean. Seriously he was such a guy, and as a distrustful, jealous, possessive person I had a lot of issues with how the book started. I would not have been able to get over it.


Luckily Abbi was a better woman than I was because she didn't really give it a second thought until she didn't have any other choice. With her history I wasn't surprised by her insecurities and the way she reacted to certain situations. In fact, I think she was pretty commendable for not over reacting.


By the end I was a lot more sympathetic to Dean's insecurities and I was so glad they were able to work through them. They made the perfect couple and I got over my dislike of him. And now I am looking forward to seeing the next Lexi Ryan book.





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