Ahhh no, you can't just end it there like that. Seriously I feel so unresolved, and I need to be lead to a safe stopping point. Ok so maybe that's a tad bit melodramatic since we did kind of get most of the resolution we needed and obviously we are getting the next story picking up at this point but that was mean.


Ok false alarm I turned the page and the epilogues were perfect and helped me breathe through my panic. Now I'm just dying even more for the next book because that was a killer teaser for the new character.


Chelsea was such an awesome character from the first page I was rooting for her to win over Mayson. Not because he didn't want to be won over but because he was so broken by his history, he needed convincing he was worthy. But obviously Chelsea saw what we all knew and fell hard for him.


It helped that all of Mayson's reluctance was based solely on Chelsea's safety and worth and not on a single other thing. He was absolutely perfect for Chelsea and fit so well into the whole family. I loved seeing the relationship develop between them and her family's reactions. And I really loved getting more of everyone. I started this series thinking it was only a few books, but I am delighted every time new books are added.


And thankfully it isn't too long a wait for the next book, even if it will feel like forever.





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