My TBR list is not thanking me for finding all these awesome new to me authors through the True North world. And since some of my favourite themes are college sport, I really feel like I've hit the jackpot with Moo U.


Faith and Sebastien was a slightly harder story for me to read. Not because of the writing but because it had all the factors I tend to avoid in books. It was a second chance story, and their main issue was their failure to communicate. Which tends to have me screaming at my kindle calling them all kinds of names.


This time wasn't so bad and I'm glad going in that I haven't even thought about looking at the blurbs for these books. Because both Faith and Sebastien were completely awesome, and I enjoyed their story. Yes, they made stupid mistakes, but I got where they were coming from. And neither of them acted like idiots or aceholes. They just dealt and learnt and matured and that is what I want from my NA characters.


And omg I have to mention that I loved that epilogue, it was the perfect cherry on top.


So I've added a new author to the stalk list and I can't wait to have the time to read her backlist. But for now I'm jumping straight into Darkroom. Kisses.




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