Gah these Riggins brothers are just so cute, in that sexy, manly, slightly alpha way. When I saw who Conrad was getting as his love interest, I did wonder how Kaylee was going to work it. These two have known each other for a year and there has been no spark. The other Riggins had that insta love magic. But it was so sweet and perfect I loved it.


This whole series is just one if those ones you know you’re going to read with a smile on your face. And even though it's not angst and drama filled you can't stop flipping the pages to see what is going to happen next. Plus having already fallen for the rest of the family it's great to get the next step of their life and love.


Aspen has been such a sweetheart from her first introduction. And I completely got her reluctance to dive straight into a relationship with Conrad. However, that man knew exactly what he wanted and he wasn't going to settle for anything less.


I'm so excited to see what Marshall's story is going to bring us. And to see the next step of the way for the current couples. And watch the Riggins babies grow in size and no doubt in numbers. But I am going to be sad to say goodbye to this beautiful family.



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