I am such an idiot. I saw a new LLV book and dove into it without thought, I just assumed it would be part of the current series, it isn't. Which isn't a bad thing, just gah I haven't read the book before it and I don't have time to read that first, but I wish I could. Luckily for me I know I can read all these as standalones I just don't wanna!!! (Yeah I totally sound like a toddler, but I'll own it)


So, I read this book and I know this is going to sound like a complaint but the thing I love about it was that it was really predictable. It was super obvious who was causing Carmichael and Croft all kinds of drama. It wasn't obvious why and to be honest I didn't really care why. I was just there for what was going to happen next.


I was kind of annoyed that it took these two so long to get together. I prefer my LLV novels more insta with OTT heroes but that isn't this series. I liked Carmichael a lot, especially with the dog fostering. I could kind of take or leave Croft but I didn't dislike him, I just wanted more growling, possessive caveman.


Overall, it was a solid 4 star read and now I will wait for the next book in the series I am currently reading and check my titles before jumping in so I can read them in their proper order. Toodles.




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