If Only You Knew, an all-new steamy small town romance with depth by Alexa Rivers is available now!

Single mother Bex Cane doesn’t have time for love. It’s hard enough managing three jobs and her precocious five-year-old daughter Izzy. Fortunately, she has all the support she needs from her friends and family in Haven Bay. A man would only complicate things. But when her ex’s brother moves to the area and discovers the truth about Izzy, he throws Bex’s life into a tailspin.

Michael Briggston never thought he’d see Bex again. Not after she dumped his brother and walked out of their lives. Considering how close he’d come to making a fool of himself by proclaiming his love for her when she was unavailable, he’d been happy to see the end of temptation. But now she’s back in his life, and he can’t help noticing that her daughter looks an awful lot like his brother. He’ll get to the bottom of the mystery—even if it stirs feelings he’d thought long dead.

Despite their history, Bex and Michael can’t resist the spark between them. But when Michael’s brother arrives in the bay, can their unexpected passion survive?

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Michael freaking Briggston.
If Bex didn’t have a class to teach, she’d have been gone the minute Andy Hollister released them from the staff meeting. Her friend Shane, also a teacher, had cast concerned glances at her during the meeting, noting her tension, but she hadn’t been able to bring herself to acknowledge him. She’d been too terrified. Every part of her was rigid, and the voice in her head
screamed to pull Izzy from class, take her home, lock the door, and hold her close. Or to run and never look back.
Had the Briggstons finally discovered the truth?
No. She shook her head. She was being crazy. If they had, Wesley or his mother, Imogen, would be here rather than Michael. Her hands trembled as she sifted through the papers on her desk, trying to recall what she’d planned for this morning. Her students would be arriving any
minute now. God, she could hardly gather her scattered thoughts together, how was she going to make it through?
Michael was here. He was her boss.
He’d be living in Haven Bay, shopping at the minimart, walking on her favorite beach.
What if he saw Izzy? If he put two and two together and alerted his family, the Briggstons would descend on the town in force. She shuddered, her mouth going dry at the thought of seeing
Imogen again. That old witch-with-a-B had always put the fear of God into her, even if she’d never allowed it to show.
The door swung open and she jumped, a hand to her chest as kids began to wander in and claim seats.
Take it down a notch, Bex.
First things first. She needed to survive the morning, and then she’d figure out what to do. She laughed mirthlessly, drawing stares from some of the students. Yeah, that was likely.
Somehow, in between training her clients at the gym, finishing her commissioned painting, finding the plush kiwi her daughter had lost, doing a week’s worth of laundry, and visiting the grocery store, she’d find time to sit down with a glass of wine and think through the implications of Michael Briggston being in Haven Bay.
Time was one thing she didn’t have.
A second bell rang, signaling the beginning of class, and she smoothed her hands down her skirt, straightened her shoulders, and plastered a smile on her face.
“Hi everyone! I hope you all had lots of fun over the weekend. Now, for today, you’ll need to get yourself a smock from the corner because we’re going to be working with clay.”
The toothy grins from twenty-five ten-year-olds made up for the extra time it would take to put their creations through the kiln. She didn’t let them use clay often, but when she did, it was the most excited she ever saw them. Unfortunately, their obvious pleasure couldn’t erase the events of the morning from her mind, and by the time they were tidying up, she’d glanced out the window on no less than twenty occasions and was itching to get the hell out of there.
When class ended, she ushered them out, hung the discarded smocks up, and wiped down the benches. She had just slung her handbag over her shoulder to leave—with half a mind to take Izzy with her—when the door opened, and Michael Briggston walked in.

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Alexa Rivers is the author of steamy and heartfelt small town romances.She lives in a small town herself, complete with nosy neighbors and quirky traditions. She shares a house with a neurotic dog and a husband who thinks he's hilarious.When she's not writing, she enjoys travelling, baking and decorating cakes, eating those cakes, cuddling fluffy animals, exercising, drinking copious amounts of tea, and absorbing herself in fictional worlds.

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