Title: Twisted Wrister
Series: Playmakers #7
Author: G.K. Brady
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: September 29, 2021


He’s not looking for happily-ever-after. She’s not looking for a hockey player. Can love score a win, or will it get iced?

Blake Barrett’s star is streaking into the upper reaches of the galaxy, and it’s his wicked wrist shot that’s fueling the twenty-four-year-old’s meteoric rise. Top center for the NHL’s Cup-winning champs? Check. Millions in the bank? Yep. As self-assured in his stickhandling abilities off the ice as he is on it? Not so much. Women might be throwing themselves at him, but he needs a little more practice to figure out what to do if he catches one.

Though after growing up with a front-row seat to his parents’ disastrous marriage, he’s convinced the closest he can get to happily-ever-after is settling for someone who ticks the most boxes when his career’s done. Why waste time on a dream he can’t even pin to the boards? So when Blake’s roommate—who also happens to be his teammate and best friend—sets his sights on their feisty new neighbor, Blake’s duty-bound by the bro code to help his buddy win her … except when Blake gets to know her, he’s not so sure he wants to play wingman anymore.

Michaela Wagner has earned her hard-fought-for position as a real estate lawyer in a prestigious firm. She may have aced her classes and graduated early, but an army of suits is ready to keep her ambition in check. Undeterred, she casts her eye on a prize account her boss is dangling like a juicy carrot.

Though she doesn’t have much time for dating, she’s a big believer in fairy-tale endings. Prince Charming is waiting for her … though he hasn’t been at the speed-dating events or in the dating apps she’s subjected herself to. Could he be one of the hunky hockey players next door? Absolutely not. Too much testosterone, too much swagger, too many female fans. If she were forced to pick one, though, it would be Blake. He’s an enigma begging to be bared, and he’s got those green eyes that follow her with an intriguing mix of bewilderment and intensity. Too bad he believes in happily-never-after.

As Blake glides closer to Michaela, doubt turns to possibility, and his philosophy begins to unravel like spent stick tape. But a happy ending for these two seems as elusive as a Stanley Cup win. When loyalty faces off against desire, will their love survive the penalty box?



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Michaela pulled open the door and stopped short.
One arm casually resting against the doorjamb with his hand dangling in space, Blake Barrett practically filled the open doorway with his wide, squared-off frame. Dressed in an expensive black suit, crisp white button-down, and navy-blue silk tie, he looked like he’d just stepped out of a fashion magazine featuring men’s formal wear. His short blond hair was neatly styled, his square jaw was clean-shaven, and his clear, fern-green eyes stood out, framed by lashes so long they verged on illegal.
A deep V creased the space between his brows. “You weren’t expecting me.” His voice—smooth and buttery, like pure sin—rolled over the statement.
Michaela’s pulse took off at a gallop, and somewhere in the dim recesses of her mind, she registered he’d hadn’t posed a question. Mentally, she checked her mouth—to be sure it hadn’t dropped open like a sprung attic stairway—and composed herself. “No, I wasn’t.” But I’m not complaining. “What’s … what’s going on?” She stood on tiptoe to peer over his shoulder, expecting to see his roommate in the hallway, but she couldn’t see past the broad man in front of her.
He rolled his eyes to the ceiling as if praying for patience and ran a big hand over his smooth jaw. Leveling those eyes back on her, he let out a long sigh. “So Owen didn’t tell you he couldn’t make it and that he’d asked me to fill in for him?”
Words were beyond her grasp at the moment—whether from the shock of this new development or the mouthwatering man in front of her, she couldn’t say—and she shook her head vigorously.



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Since childhood, all sorts of stories and characters have lived in G.K. Brady’s imagination, elbowing one another for attention, so she’s finally giving them their voice on the written page.

A writer of contemporary romance, she loves telling tales of the less-than-perfect hero or heroine who transforms with each turn of a page.

G.K. is a wife and the proud mom of three grown sons. When she’s not writing, she might be reading, traveling, drinking wine, listening to music, or gardening—sometimes all at once! She currently resides in Colorado with her very patient husband.


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