These Riggins brothers are awesome. Seriously I go into every single book knowing I'm going to get a smooth ride to a very happy ending. But I'm also going to get all the feels. Every single one of these has been romance perfection.


First you have this beautiful close knit sweet as hell family that you can't help but love. Then you have these brothers who are complete sex on a stick who are absolute cotton candy for the ones they love. And each book we get to watch another one fall and a little bit more of the previous couples.


This book was like catnip to my reading desires. Single mum with too much pride and determination to do it alone. Youngest brother who has watched all his siblings fall and while jealous, is in denial of the family magic. I couldn't read it fast enough.


Marshall was sweet as hell. From the second he got to know Wren and Madeline he wanted to make their lives easier. But Wren was so adamant that she had to do it on her own she fought him every step of the way. And watching how hard he fell for little Madeline was even more icing.


I'm so sad to see this series end but I know I can count on the next series to be just as awesome.




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